We know that these are uncertain times for everyone. Please know that at Killooleet we will do all we can to open, and run as normal a summer as possible. Please check this page for regular updates.


March 20th, 2020

Dear Killooleet families and community,  

          As the world reels from the effects of the Corona virus, our thoughts are with you.  We hope you and your family are safe and healthy, and that you are managing the challenges of the school closures and new restrictions that seem to change daily.   Like everyone else, we are monitoring developments and staying abreast of the advice and guidance given by the CDC and state health departments.  And like everyone else, we don’t really know what other changes will come our way between now and summer.  What we do know is that all of us will need to be creative and flexible.  We also believe that after weeks of social distancing, much of it indoors, children will need the kind of social connection and connection with the natural world that Killooleet provides, maybe more than ever. 

So we are still planning for summer 2020.  We know your children have been looking forward to camp, and many of you have filled out the enrollment forms.  We share your optimism and hope.  We are also beginning to discuss the challenges and possibilities with key staff and other camp directors.  If we need to make adjustments to program, we will be in touch as early as possible, and will of course make financial adjustments as well.  When the time comes for spring visits we’ll be in touch about whether we can see you in person or by video.

Killooleet is a family, and our connections are strong in times of hardship as well as joy.  Your child may have already reached out to their friends and cabin mates, but if they have misplaced their Banquet folder or we can be of other assistance, do let us know how we can help. 

Thinking of you, and wishing we could all sing together,

Kate and Dean