Children live in cabins with eight to twelve boys or girls about the same age and three counselors. The log cabin style buildings are comfortable, with shutters, screens, electricity, and plumbing inside the cabin or nearby.

In the first week of camp, the campers choose a name for their cabin. Recent names include Here Comes the ONE, TWO-Che’, It’s a THREEcret, UnFOURgettable, Stayin’ a’FIVE, Stairway to SEVEN, How to Hug a PorcEIGHTtpine, The DesSEPTions, Chilian NINErs and No Pun InTENded.

There are new children in each age group every summer. Old campers welcome the new campers in their cabins. When we visit with returning campers each spring we remind them that every summer is different. Campers acknowledge the year’s growth as we discuss what they are excited about for the coming summer and tell them about their counselors and the new campers in their cabin.