Activity periods are an hour long and we have four of them each day. Half-hour “recalls” in between periods help keep the pace slow and allow campers to learn to use free time wisely – a dip in the lake on a hot day, finishing a ceramics project, a guitar lesson, or just having time to get ready for the next scheduled period.

In the first two weeks, every cabin group is scheduled for each activity. For the rest of the summer, campers individualize their programs with daily afternoon Choice Periods. They continue to be scheduled by cabin group in the morning, and can concentrate in favorite areas by “checking” in to activities at breakfast.

Before first period, campers participate in Morning Crews to help get the camp ready for the day. They can groom and tack horses in the barn, help the kitchen staff prepare the day’s meals, repair bicycles in the Maintenance shed, harvest vegetables from the garden, or hang clothes on the line with the laundry staff. Campers who have chosen to be in the musical rehearse in the theater, while bands practice in the Band Shed.

Evening activities include sings, campfires, dances, and special interest clubs like cooking, fishing, silkscreen, and creative writing.