Camping & Exploration

Campers bring or rent bicycles and ride to everything on our flat campus. They may elect to go to go on bicycle hikes on Wednesdays, working their legs and stamina up to greater distances on and off road.

Wednesday is Hike Day. On these days, everyone is out of camp, climbing a mountain peak and enjoying the view, caving, canoeing, rock climbing, exploring a local brook, touring a local farm, or strolling with frequent stops to sketch and photograph the scenery.
There are two three-day camping trips during the season. The first is with the cabin group and the second is by interest. Older campers use hikes to work up to a challenging trips such as bicycling 70 miles a day, backpacking or canoeing in the Adirondacks.

The heart of our nature program is exploring the ecosystems of the valley – pine forests, overgrown fields, wetlands and streams. We respect the land and local wildlife, garden organically and recycle as much as possible.

Other activities include video production, rocketry, gardening, and weekly cookouts.