Notes From the Director

June 2020

“Wake up, wake up, good people! There is no middle ground. If we turn and walk away, We support what’s going down.”           As an educational institution founded on the values of community, respect, and the opportunity for all of us to discover and develop our best selves, Killooleet calls on the members of […]

Summer 2019

It was a terrific summer!  The sun shone most days, and there was enough rain to keep the lake full for much of the summer.  Campers and staff came from 15 different states and ten different countries, creating a culture that was as supportive as it was inclusive.  One of Killooleet’s strengths is that many […]

Summer 2018

2018 was one to remember! Once again, we had staff and campers from many different countries including Thailand, Iceland, Spain, The Philippines, England, Ireland and Canada, as well as many parts of the United States. The summer started off hot and continued to get hotter, which meant that the lake was the most popular place […]

Summer 2017

Last summer, campers and staff came from 10 different countries including Bali, China and Iceland as well as many parts of the United States. Campers played softball and soccer, fenced and used standup paddle boards in the lake.  The shop had thriving woodworking, jewelry, stained glass and crafts including leather work. In fabric arts, string […]

Summer 2016

2016 was Killooleet’s 90th summer and it was a terrific one! Campers and staff set an inclusive, positive tone. They hailed from 8 countries (Iceland, China, Japan, Ireland, England, Slovakia, France and Australia) and 18 States. We didn’t get much rain, which was bad for the height of the hay and the depth of the […]

Summer 2014

Killooleet 2014 was another wonderful summer. We had sunny weather, a mostly full lake, and an energetic and talented staff. A variety of beautiful projects were created in woodworking, stained glass, leather, jewelry, sewing and ceramics. The camper bands played great music at ProNites and dances. A ukulele jam session started playing recalls before meals, […]

Camp led by Pete Seeger’s family underway

About 100 young people are attending Camp Killooleet in the heart of the Green Mountains this summer. The camp is so busy, though, that it feels like hundreds and hundreds of children fill its 300 acres. Read the full article at the Burlington Free Press.

‘A Second Family’ for Campers

Killooleet Going Strong After 87 Years Tucked into a lovely corner of the Green Mountain National Forest in Hancock, Camp Killoo­leet is a summer camp for boys and girls ages 9–14. Accredited by the American Camp Association, Killooleet accepts 100 campers each summer, and employs 30 counselors, who are either college students or a little […]

Pete Seeger


Celebration for Tony

Tony, our wonderful chef for the past 36 years, celebrated his retirement from the Killooleet kitchen with alumni and family on September 25. Lars, Elisa and Liz organized a delicious supper and about forty people joined Tony, Brenda, Blythe and Graham for a memorable evening. True Killooleet style, we ate on the dining porch and […]