We are currently enrolling campers for next summer: June 29 through August 23 2020. New campers can commit to just the month of July with the option to stay if they choose.


If you are interested in more information, fill out the form below or give us a phone call. We will mail you a brochure and answer questions by telephone or email.

Most prospective campers are hesitant about even a four week commitment. This a perfectly normal reaction. We find that after talking with us, and learning about our program, these campers are looking forward to the summer. Current parents report that returning campers start counting the days until camp starts in September.


When possible, we visit with families in the North East at their homes to discuss our program in detail. If that is not possible, phone calls and/or a Skype chat are arranged. Telephone Kate and Dean to ask questions and set up a visit.


  1. Kate Seeger and Dean Spencer, Directors
  2. Killooleet
  3. 70 Trull Street
  4. Somerville, MA 02145
  • Phone: (617) 666-1484
  • Fax: (617) 666-0378
  • Email:

During the summer, we check our email about once a week in town. There is no email at camp, but you are welcome to telephone your child at meal times. With permission, campers can call their parents.

We ask campers to write their parents twice a week and hope that you will write your children daily during the opening weeks, and at least twice weekly for the rest of the summer. Occasional packages, without food, are welcome.


  1. Camp Killooleet
  2. PO Box 70
  3. Hancock, Vermont 05748
  • Phone: (802) 767-3152
  • Fax: (802) 767-3111

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Thank you for a wonderful summer for both of our children. They each benefitted greatly. It was amazing to see how camp could so well satisfy their very different styles, one so high energy and "in -motion" and the other quiet, low key and reflective. Please count them both as returning campers.

Sue, NYC

Thank you for running such a great camp and special thanks for choosing and nurturing such fine young people (and some not so young) as counselors. Who and what you learn to look up to is what I remember camp is all about...

Aline and Stan, NY