Thank you for your interest in camp Killooleet! We hope that you’ve had a chance to talk to Kate and Dean about your child. As we are a small camp we like to chat with each family individually to make sure that Killooleet is the right place for you. If you are yet to speak to anyone about Killooleet yet, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.

The 2021  Season runs from Tuesday June 29 – Sunday August 22. Registration will open in the New Year.

First time campers can commit to the month of July,  6/29 – 8/1, 2021 with the option to stay. 

Tuition for 2021 is $10,600 for returning campers and $7500 for first time campers (5 weeks with option to stay).


We have a new online booking system with ACTIVEworks. Before you click on the link below, here are a few things that you need to know:

Registration is a 2 step process. First of all you need to fill out some basic information to register your child and then pay a deposit and choose how you’re going to pay. Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email. This contains a link to your online account (also found at the bottom of this page). You will then need to log onto your online account to download your health forms, add additional payments, and let us know about your transport options.

Please be aware that if you pay by credit card then Killooleet will be charged a 4% processing fee. These fees can add up quickly. If you are paying a large amount by credit card then know that Killooleet is not receiving the full amount, and maybe consider a donation to the Seeger-Bartlett Foundation to offset this. Thank you!

The system is quite straightforward, with the most complicated part being the payment system. Please read the following carefully before booking and decide how you would like to pay:

To pay the balance in full when registering with a credit card or electronic check: Select ‘Pay in Full’ at the check out and add your payment details.

To pay in monthly installment with a credit card or electronic check: Select ‘Enroll in Payment Plan’ at the check out, then select ‘Deposit +4 Payments’ from the first drop-down menu.

To pay the $1000 deposit with a credit card or electronic check, then pay the balance by mailing in checks to Kate: Select ‘Enroll in Payment Plan’ at the checkout, then select ‘Deposit +4 Payments’ from the first drop down menu, and then ‘Pay Balance Manually’ from the second drop-down menu (see picture below).

If you have spoken to Kate about tuition assistance, or if you would prefer to pay the whole amount (including deposit) by mailing in checks: First enter the coupon code ‘boatingdock’ in the coupon code box. Then select ‘Enroll in Payment Plan’ at the checkout, then select ‘Deposit +4 Payments’ from the first drop down menu, and then ‘Pay Balance Manually’ from the second drop-down menu (see picture below).


PLEASE NOTE: The default option for the website is to enroll you into the payment plan. This will automatically deduct the funds from your credit card / account over 4 months. If you would rather send in a check, pay online when suits you, or are receiving some kind of tuition assistance then please make sure you select ‘Pay Balance Manually’ as seen below.



Once you are registered, you will need to log onto your online account to upload your health forms, make payments, and let us know about your transport and rental requests. A link to your account will be emailed to you upon registration and can also be found below.



Some parents have reported that they have been charged a $70 fee for joining the ‘Active Advantage Program’. This is an offer from Active that gives access to exclusive discounts on excursions, lessons and a variety of family activities. You DO NOT have to join this program in order to register. If you have accidently joined this program and would like a refund then please follow these instructions: 

To request a refund for your ACTIVE Advantage membership, please contact the customer support team at ACTIVEadvantage@ACTIVE.com  or by phone at 866-561-0647 (between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm PST). With our Member Satisfaction Pledge, if at any time during your membership you are not completely satisfied, we’ll cancel your membership and give you a pro-rated refund for any unused months – no questions asked!



This is a brand new system that is designed to save everyone time. We would love to hear any feedback you have on this new system so we can work on improving it! Please send any feedback or issues to info@killooleet.com



1) Why do I have to put MY birth date? 

The site asks for your age because minors are not allowed to enroll children in camp. Possibly it will be used by active network to identify you if you get in touch because you forgot your password. Killooleet will not use that information.

2) If I click that I like email for communication, will I still get the parent letters from camp?

 YES, we will continue to do our mailings with the post office through at least this calendar year so you will get both versions no matter what you check for the parent mailings.  We will do some communication by email.  

3) What forms of payment do ACTIVE accept?

You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club & Discover), by Electronic check, or by mailing in a physical check. Please see the payment section of this page for more info. Unfortunately they do not accept American Express – we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

4) Do we have to decide on travel and luggage questions now? 

No, you can make these decisions in March and April when camp is closer.  And you can discuss questions with us before going on line to complete your registrations.   We will be reminding you about forms, all of which are due by May 15.




We have selected Active Systems as our booking platform as they offer the highest level of internet security. More info about how their store and secure their data can be found here.