June 2020

“Wake up, wake up, good people!

There is no middle ground.

If we turn and walk away,

We support what’s going down.”

          As an educational institution founded on the values of community, respect, and the opportunity for all of us to discover and develop our best selves, Killooleet calls on the members of our extended community to take action consistent with these values in this perilous time. 

We must continue to expose and resist the politics of hatred, blame and division, and the structures of personal and institutional racism that lead to the killing, incarceration and exploitation of our friends and neighbors who are racialized as black. We must also recognize that these same systems of thought lead to exclusion and violence against others.   

Stand up with your neighbors, especially those who are under siege, both in our Killooleet community and in your communities where you live and work.  Register and vote.  This is on all of us.  To quote an old organizing slogan from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee,  If we do nothing, nothing will change.

 Kate and Dean