Summer 2014

Killooleet 2014 was another wonderful summer. We had sunny weather, a mostly full lake, and an energetic and talented staff. A variety of beautiful projects were created in woodworking, stained glass, leather, jewelry, sewing and ceramics. The camper bands played great music at ProNites and dances. A ukulele jam session started playing recalls before meals, and on occasions included guitars and even a cello. The softball and soccer leagues thrived, as did a basketball tournament. The camper-run Koob league continues to run smoothly on the rhythms ground during second and fourth recalls.

Drama counselors helped people hone their acting skills in improv classes. The musical “Fame” was really well acted, creatively staged and beautifully choreographed. On hikes, campers and staff explored traditional favorite hikes like brook slopping in Granville brook and the ice cave, as well as new ones including a mountain bike park in Rutland, rock climbing on Deer’s Leap in Mendon, and new horse trails through the Rochester Hollows.

Oldest campers staged commando raids early this year (the day after Brian P. mailed Kate a postcard saying, “Commando Raids is today!”, and did a good job teaching activities in the last week. The Barterday theme was Pirates and the money was Salty Barnacles and Walk-the-Planks. The campers won the All Star Game in a well played game where both teams had autos off the theater roof. Favorite songs at Sings included “The Piper’s Refrain” (Ticonderoga…), “Sipping Cider through a Straw”, “Waltzing with Bears” and “Guantanamera”.

We did a concert to honor Pete Seeger on the new town green in Hancock. It was a wonderful event, where talented local musicians joined Seegers Tony, Judy, Kate, Dean and Jemmo. Over a hundred audience members joined campers on the choruses. Plans have been made to do another Pete concert next summer the first Thursday in August.

We are beginning to enroll campers for summer 2015, so if you have a child who is camper age, give us a call and talk about the value of a relaxed summer where your child can explore the natural world and be away from electronics for a while.