Summer 2018

2018 was one to remember! Once again, we had staff and campers from many different countries including Thailand, Iceland, Spain, The Philippines, England, Ireland and Canada, as well as many parts of the United States. The summer started off hot and continued to get hotter, which meant that the lake was the most popular place to be!

Despite the heat, campers played softball and soccer, and archery. The shop saw a lot of interest in woodworking, jewelry, stained glass and crafts including leather work.

Our evening activities included sings in the main house, campfires and clubs, along with 3 dances and 3 pro nites.

Our ten days on hikes and overnighters were busy! We had a small bike hike in the Rochester hollows in addition to the traditional Canada second overnighter, and 3 different hikes(backpacking, canoeing and rock climbing) that went to the Adirondacks.

During the summer we left camp and walked down to the Hancock Green twice. Once for a fabulous 4th of July fireworks show, in which Killooleeters sang the national anthem for an eager crowd, and once to attend the 5th annual Pete Seeger memorial concert.

A busy last week of camp saw the oldest campers spring Commando Raids. The barter day theme was Cartoon characters, the Musical was ‘Press Start’ – a show about video game characters, and as usual, the last sing, dance and campfire were as emotional as the were celebratory.

Camp continues to provide an unparalleled experience for young people by providing a safe place to risk new challenges as well as to raise social consciousness and recognition of the importance of making a positive impact on one’s community and the world at large. With the challenges and divisions in contemporary American society it is an exciting time to run camp. Camp is as relevant and as necessary now as it has been at any time in our history. To keep our mission going, we count on the consistent support of our alumni.