While Killooleet did not open in Hancock in 2020, we did have a virtual camp season. Check it out at: KLTathome.com

Camp Killooleet, a summer camp for children aged 9 – 14, is nestled into a beautiful corner of the Green Mountain National Forest in Hancock, Vermont. For over 90 years it has been owned and run by educators who know and listen to children.

We want every camper to find activities they particularly enjoy and specialize in them. A child works hardest in areas they delight in. Camp is geared so that the artist can still play on a softball team and the avid basketball player can still ride horses or have the lead in a dramatic production. Camp is non-competitive and highly individual. Strong cabin groups are built through working and playing together. Trust is extended and minimal defenses are needed. Vitality explodes. Almost all campers return until they’re too old. This is their second family, where they find themselves.

About half the activities are in sports (waterfront, team and individual), while the other half are in studio and performing arts. We all explore the beauty of Vermont for ten days over the summer, on foot, bicycle, canoe and horseback.

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For frequent updates and information about events, visit our Facebook page. In addition, our Facebook group is frequently updated with photos and posts from alumni, reminiscing about their summers at Killooleet.

Home Away From Home

Here's a great summer read by Michael Thompson, author or co-author of nine books, including It's a Boy!: Your Son's Development From Birth to Age 18. (Random House, March 2009)

He reminds us of the need for experiences like Killooleet in the lives of children young and old.

Thanks for the two best summers of my life. I learned so much and grew so much as a person. … I would be a very different person today if I had not found Killooleet. I learned about kindness, respect for others and human nature, not to mention many other things. More importantly I learned about confidence and believing in myself. The values that Killooleet has taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life, no matter where I go or what I do. Killooleet is truly a special place.

Sarah, NJ

As a young adult, I look back on my years at Killooleet as an incredible time in my life where I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It was a safe haven for the four summers I was there, and I am grateful to have had the experience. It's something I'll have forever, and that is a tremendous gift.

alum from '90s

Well-founded and well-run, Killooleet is confident, principled and a very successful institution that will last far into the future because of the solid dedication of the leadership and staff to the camp’s mission.

Richard Kennedy: Choosing the Right Camp, The Complete Guide to the Best Summer Camp for Your Child 1995-96 Edition